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Photo: SEED9 | HMUA: Nate Matthew ​

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Katy Maravala grew up in East London, UK and is singlehandedly responsible for the rise of grime music internationally — although she would request that you please do not fact check that.
She made her first music video at 15 and has since collaborated with artists like Drake, Rihanna, and The Weeknd to only name a few. Her extensive production and post-production experience with artists, filmmakers and brands has made her one of Canada’s most sought after line producers, and her skills on the hardwood have made her one of Toronto’s most sought after ball hockey defenders.
While she has collected numerous awards and accolades for her commercial, narrative and music video work, including screenings at TIFF and Sundance, Katy’s crowning achievement is surely that one time the NBC Dateline Twitter account retweeted her.

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